Posted on 2016-11-16

Partyraiser is without a doubt the absolute king in uptempo hardcore. Well known for his energetic Partyraiser DJ sets, superior Scarphase Live act, raging uptempo releases and his undisputed support for the talents.
To secure the sounds of tomorrow, Partyraiser decided to take the next step in his career.
In collaboration with the worlds leading agency Most Wanted DJ, Partyraiser is proud to present his brand new label PARTYRAISER RECORDINGS!
Delivering the most brutal noises in hardcore it will be the home of Partyraiser, F.Noize, Scarphase and many future heroes to come. With this new move Partyraiser ended his previous label and is ready to dominate the world of uptempo.

"The name, set-up and organisation of the previous label didn’t match with my future vision and the social-digital world we live in today. As I don’t release ‘records’ in a physical form, I felt I had to move onwards and start a fresh and completely new saga, label and label name. With PARTYRAISER RECORDINGS I have the opportunity to work with the leading professionals, have a name referring to musical hardcore recordings in general, expand my sonic intentions and set up a future proof music label. Of course I will continue in my search and support for the talent of tomorrow!"

The first release by the hostile Scarphase will be out on the 25th of November​!

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