Tha Playah, Never Surrender & Tha Watcher drop a tremendous anthem for Masters of Hardcore Austria.

Posted on 2019-01-28

Back in 2018, iconic Hardcore legend Tha Playah pooled his resources with the up and coming prodigy Never Surrender to create debut collaboration "Gunshow." The spin-off from this joint-work was incredible; you can really hear and feel the musical chemistry between these two talented acts.   With Masters of Hardcore Austria right around the corner, it seems only logical to invite these two legends to create a hard-hitting anthem to represent the event. 

Accepting the challenge, Tha Playah & Never Surrender created an authentic and rough Hardcore tune that will blow you straight into bass face mode! Recruiting Tha Watcher for the vocals, "The Craving" is a majestic and powerful anthem that sums up everything that Masters of Hardcore stands for.